Oh, Solar Mia!


I love singing the praises of using “alternative” energy. I love efficiency and clever use of natural resources. And, of course, I love gadgets. So, when my eyes fell on this “Solar Lampion” I was immediately fascinated. Damian O’Sullivan is a Dutch designer who makes all sorts of artistic furniture and household objects. Now, I think we’ve all seen various sorts of gadgets using solar power. Some of them are practical, some are toys, some are very silly. But I think this is the first time I’ve seen one that’s a work of art.
To make this Lampion Mr. O’Sullivan took 36 solar panels and arranged them into something inspired from Japanese origami. While the look is beautiful, the guts hold a rechargeable battery and each solar panel powers an LED bulb. Leave it outside while the sun makes its way across the sky. At the end of the day you have a lamp to light your way in and out of your domain. You’ll be walking around like Diogenes.

Check Damian O’Sullivan’s site for when this Lamp is available.

Written by Cecilia

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