This phone watch doesn’t seem to include the kitchen sink, but it just might! Qiao Xing Mobile Communication Co., Ltd have designed the CECT W100 Mobile phone watch, an amazing combination of feature and fashion in a small, truly portable device.

Aside from wrapping itself around your arm, this 900/1800MHz phone lets you talk for about 180-250 minutes with 200-280 hours on standby. You can send and receive SMS and MMS Messages, incoming calls can be set to vibrate; ringtones can be mp3’s, mp4’s, or midi.

But Wait!! This is not just a phone. You can play MP3 music, watch 3GP or MP4 movies, and – Oh My! – take pictures with the camera. Camera?! Ok, the maximum resolution is 640 x 480, but it’s a camera in a teeny wrist device. Did I mention you can RECORD MP4 video??? The CECT W100 can also make Voice recordings which is something I find really useful for any device. Voice dialing is not only a great feature it makes you look cool as you casually talk into your wrist phone. Just as casually you can execute handwritten messaging and touchscreen dialing.

The CECT W100 also comes with support for a MicroSD card up to 2GB memory, which these days seems almost mandatory for any cell phone. There’s support for stereo Bluetooth, Alarm clock, calculator, graphics editor, memos, calendar, stopwatch, rates exchange, and world time.

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